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Their attention to detail in their workmanship is commendable, the paving looks perfectly executed, and the team has a warm demeanor towards customers. I strongly recommend them for any paving job. Thrilled with their work!

  • Shawn D.

Our previous experience with Putney Landscaping Services was exceptional, leaving us with no doubts about having them back for more paving in our backyard. They come highly recommended by us.

  • Ron V.

From start to finish, they impressed us with their professionalism, communication, and exceptional work ethic.

  • Cordell M

Our garden now has a fresh and updated look, thanks to the skilled hands of these gardeners.

  • Jan C.

They exceeded our satisfaction by delivering exceptional services within the given timeline while causing minimal disruptions.

  • Jack

I'm grateful that I selected Gardeners Putney for looking after my garden because their hardworking crew has been amazing - they labored away over two hours and managed to make the backyard look very clean and organized.

  • H. O'Shaughnessy

They have tremendous insight into the world of gardening and truly care about cultivating the best out of your green space. If there are ever any issues or queries, they're always willing to support. Your garden will make it through safe and sound under the care of Putney Landscaping Services.

  • Nikki

Great satisfaction experienced from commencement until conclusion of Gardening Services Putney; scheduling flowed along without any hassles or problems, clarifying any confusion or queries before hand via reply in just several days' time frame; booked opportunity ahead of anticipated period of two or three weeks; upon such allotted date personnel came forth promptly with project concluded at same precise timeframe --our garden design ended up looking entirely remarkable!

  • Alicia Smith

Professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Not only did they clear a lot of weeds and tidy a neglected front garden - completing everything I wanted but they also offered great advice. And to top it all off: this garden design service is affordable. I will recommend them more!

  • Keith

I'm not one of those men that like lawn mowing so I use Gardening Services Putney to do instead and am happy to spend a little to save my own time and to have the work done properly.

  • Phoebe Lenson

I will be using the lawn care services of GardenersPutney again in the future. They are quite efficient at what they do. Outrageously low rates as well.

  • Sandra C.

Gardening Company Putney always leaves my garden in amazing shape. I've hired them a few times now and will continue to do so for all sorts of garden maintenance tasks.

  • H. Vaughn

I've used their gardeners again and again for various different jobs and they've never let me down. Landscape Gardeners Putney really are a first-class company.

  • Andrew C.

Helpful, polite and professional garden care provided by Garden Maintenance Putney. The team are very efficient, always lovely to have around, and certainly know their way around a garden. My garden hasn't looked this good in years.

  • Kendra H.

Just wanted to give a great big shout out to Gardening Company Putney for having the best team of gardeners out there! They always do an AMAZING job for us and we've been very, very pleased! Thank you!

  • Tori V.

Hired Landscape Gardeners Putney and got a top of the line hedge pruning service. They not only do great hedge pruning jobs, but also have excellent garden designers on staff. I got a discount when I need to overhaul my yard.

  • Penelope Matthews

Gardeners Putney wowed all of us with their excellent lawn turfing skills. We recently hired their services to give a better look to our lawn. Within no time our lawn was looking so vibrant and beautiful. Excellent work guys! I would not think twice before I use your service again.

  • June P.

Green fingers don't run in my family, but I wanted to make the most of my garden so my kids could enjoy it. Putney Landscaping Services have given me just what I needed - professional gardening help that isn't too expensive. Now my family can enjoy our beautiful outdoor space together - thank you so much to everyone involved!

  • Vicky

I've used Landscape Gardeners Putney a few times now and have nothing but praise for their team of gardeners. They always arrive promptly and begin working right away; they're always courteous and complete all the work required to a high standard. I couldn't want and ask for anything more from a gardening company!

  • Jack Goodhall

Landscape Gardeners Putney have taken over my grass cutting and I don't plan on taking over from them. They have been seeing to my lawn for a few months now, appearing each week so that my grass is trim. They do great work and are thorough; making sure not a single blade of grass is too long. They have been looking after my lawn and ensuring it always looks its best.

  • N. Grace

Freaking amazing! I love Gardening Company Putney and their services are first class! I had never used a team of gardening professionals before but if the rest are like this company then I am amazed. They offer reasonably priced services and deliver them professionally. I love this company!

  • Bridget Mills

Garden Maintenance Putney did a great job of tending to my garden when I wanted some assistance. I wasn't a keen gardener and wanted help with the grass cutting and weeding on a regular basis. This company supplied a useful service at a good cost. The general garden care was taken care of which saved me a lot of hard work, and the service was worth the money. It is great to leave it to the experts, so that I can simply sit back and enjoy relaxing outdoors without the hard work!

  • Joseph G.

There are a number of things that I can talk about when trying to describe my experience with Gardening Services Putney but they all pale in insignificance when compared to the sheer quality that I ended up receiving. The team were prompt, hard working, professional and polite in nature, the service was first class and they did an immaculate job to sort out my back garden. It was an excellent price I ended up paying for the entire job. I will definitely be using this company again!

  • Nigel Jenkins

Gardening Services Putney's services are highly impressive. They arrived on time and quickly got rid of all the weeds in my garden. Their grass cutting skills were also incredible. The staff was friendly, polite and very active. I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable gardener. You will be amazed with their attention to detail. Great teamwork!

  • Mollie L.

An awesome crew that do some amazing work! That's pretty much all I can say about Landscape Gardeners Putney. When I hired them to clean my patio and they arrived with all their equipment, I was expecting to be charged a great deal more than I ended up paying. My patio now looks amazing, and as for those pesky weeds, there's not a single weed in sight!

  • Lauren

Every now and again I can't bear the sight of my back garden and so I call Gardening Services Putney to come and sort it out for me. They have a fantastic garden waste removal service that includes leaf collection that makes everything look great. It also saves me the back-breaking job of doing it myself! Hats off to them.

  • J. Wiliams

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